Music Therapy

♪ Non-musical goals

♪ Main goals include developmental, health and well-being

♪ Clients typically have a diagnosis of some kind 

♪ May include in cognitive, motor or speech exercises

♪ Music Therapy is provided by a Board Certified Music Therapist 

♪ Experience & use different musical elements for expression

♪ Music Therapists practice in parameters set by the Canadian Association of Music Therapists regarding ethics & confidentiality

♪ Assessment based on progress towards their goals

♪ Clients are encouraged to play and express themselves with no fear of playing "wrong notes"


Music Lessons

♪ Musical goals

♪ Learn to play a musical instrument 

♪ Students may or may not have a diagnosis 

♪ Assignments and practicing at home 

♪ Participation in performances, competitions or exams

♪ Music Lessons are provided by a qualified teacher 

♪ Students learn & produce different musical elements & concepts 

♪ Music Teachers are not governed by any official parameters

♪ Precomposed music with parameters for an "ideal" performance 

♪ Assessment based on ability to play their instrument 

♪ Participation in ear training, sight reading & technique exercises 

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